My clients are my number one priority & my services prove just how committed I am to their success. I work with individuals seeking guidance on their spiritual path. From day to day improvements & health to coping & healing deeply traumatic experiences. below are a list & description of my consulting services. Get in touch with me to learn more


Life Coaching

Coping Management Sessions

Lead Consultants:

Willow H.Grimm & Ember Solaris

Combating Alexithymia through Art, Movement, & Music is the objective i focus on in these specialized services. I offer individual sessions in addition to Traumatic experience & reprocess counseling. Group sessions are priced as one month packages.


Feeling Through Art

Do you struggle to express the details surrounding the experiences you have gone through? I offer my clients access to various art mediums to find a channel for inner exploration to occur. Feeling Art, works in combating Alexithymia through 45 minute group & individual guided meditation incorporating various art mediums.

Mindfulness In Motion

 Do you struggle with disassociation, extreme clumsiness or maybe just want to feel more comfortable in your own body? I offer my clients access to movement sessions through yoga, walking, & dancing to reconnect self with the body.

30-60 min movement sessions incorporating gentle yoga, stretching, short walks, & general low level exercise.

Finding Our Voices

Do you feel isolated as a result of an inability to connect with others? I offer access to group & individual sessions working towards expressing the inexpressible through music. 90 minute support group & individual counseling incorporating musical elements ,concluding with an open choir practice. Held once a month.

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Richmond VA

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