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About Me

My name is Willow H. Grimm. I am a 28 year old female residing in Richmond VA. Spiritual guidance has been a passion of mine since a young age & one I found myself excelling in when it came to assisting those around me in their spiritual journey as well. I was raised with strict religious beliefs, severe trauma, & harsh punishment. Beyond that I was further damaged by the public school system,subsequently re-victimized myself from that point on until I met my now husband of eight years & moved out of the country at age twenty. I managed to make enough progress physically & emotionally that I was able to find some resemblance of a healthy & happy life yet still struggled with what seemed at the time absurdly simple concepts or tasks. Finally after many years, I was able to make some spiritual progress & gain a deeper understanding of myself which improved ninety percent of my life. Physically, emotionally, & spiritually I was really feeling like I had gotten the hang of my life & I was happy...  Some one once told me "with great accomplishment comes greater responsibility".  So it was then, in the midst of my contentment an unseen force handed me back the trauma it had hidden, to be dealt with. My little box of darkness in hindsight is a gift. The ability to assist others in the journey helps me heal. I'm still healing, I'm still wading through the mess, using myself as a learning tool so I can hopefully do for others as I had wished someone could have done for me. Since I began my spiritual journey a business, podcast, & blog have sprouted from the ashes of my transformation, & I hope to create more outlets of healing in the future. Until then here is some information about my existing organizations.


I’ve been a Spiritual Consultant as a side business since 2012 recently moving towards consulting full time. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating trust in relationships, & above all, approaching life with curiosity & compassion. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency & consistency towards a Self driven goal. Get in touch  for a free initial consultation.


Urban Scavengers Apothecary is a small alternative healing business deeply rooted in liberty & autonomy, offering spiritual services in our community. The mission it to expand our community internationally, offering access to occult knowledge, supportive communities, and healing for as many individuals as we can reach.

Urban Scavengers was created out of necessity in my journey towards spiritual healing. I turned to old medicinal & spiritual practices to mitigate severe symptoms of post traumatic stress, astounded to be gifted with  knowledge & techniques that were undeniably efficacious where no other suggestions had been.

Spiritual guidance relies heavily upon a deep empathetic understanding of an individual's coping mechanisms. To better my understanding & ability to perceive each coping mechanism I implemented a technique called the Internal Family System (IFS) model. This technique focuses on the parts of an individual, especially one called Self, to gain insight into how these parts interact with each other & influence actions. IFS is a relatively safe technique that allows one to view and consider each other parts feelings thoughts and desires before attempting to approach a wounded part. By respecting the parts they begin to develop a relationship of trust, allowing them to become open about the parts they focus so much energy into protecting, doing damage control, or restraining. Once all the parts understand what their job is currently the Self can begin to assist the other parts in adopting new more desirable roles for the individual.




"Willow's unique approach to spiritual healing has taken me from inertia to self advocacy"

Agnieszka E.

Vancouver Canada

Fui quod es. Eris quod sum. Adsum

Richmond VA

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